Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Last Supper (before I'm back to malnourishment at my student house)

Hello, toasters!
Today I am writing to you from my brand new laptop- a white HP Pavilion laptop that is cooler than the arctic itself. 
However, to get said laptop, I had to go to PC World. For four hours!
Before this, I had just made a 2 hour journey, which put me through the terrifying ordeal of having someone nearly sit next to me on public transport.
Oh, the horror!
So, aside from almost committing mass genocide in PC World, I think my sanity has just about clung on & is still with me. 
I think...
I'm intending to do an illustration for each post, so hopefully i'll improve bit by bit :)
Tomorrow morning, I will be travelling back down to Bournemouth, as I start Uni again on Monday.
I resent this fact for two main reasons: 
  1.  I have to be up at 8am, which is a greatly unreasonable hour for a nocturnal person such as myself.
  2.  Whilst I can cook, I can't afford the quality of food that my mum can here at home.
I will be going from grand roast dinners with all the trimmings to a sandwich from the Co-Op, which may or may not contain real chicken and arguably smells like a pensioner.
Mmmm, I love the smell of pensioner in the morning.

However, there are several things I am looking forward to...
  1.  Seeing all my housemates and friends again, cracking inappropriate 'Your Mum' jokes 24/7 and generally being goofy.
  2.  Being a 30 second walk away from Iceland, which has a good offer on for Pringles.
  3.  Starting classes again
Whilst I love lying in all day and mooching about the house, I really can't wait to dig my teeth into another project. There's something about having a new project that revives my passion and creativity for the arts.
Also, procrastinating is always more fun when you actually have something to avoid.

So now I have the task of packing everything up, which has become a proper challenge as Mum has turned half of my room into a Chinese Laundry.
Last night I couldn't get to sleep for ages, so instead of counting sheep, I counted how many ugly shirts there were hanging up that would benefit from a bout of spontaneous combustion.
So, the next time I post I'll be back in Bournemouth!
Are you looking forward to going back? Let me know in the comments :)
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(Sorry, I've been spending too much time watching children's TV... because I have younger siblings.... not because I actually enjoy it...don't judge me)

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  1. Great stuff, Sammie! I enjoy your illustrations, you've really really awesome at them. I could NEVER draw myself. Congrats on the new laptop :) and good luck for uni. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks! :) I like to draw, but I want to get reeeeally good, like the ones that I fall in love with on Pinterest/Tumblr/General Internet
      The laptop is awesome, but windows 8 is a big change!
      Hope you're getting on well too and aren't suffering a post-Christmas-what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-my-life type thing. That happens to me a lot and I usually end up eating waaaay to much pizza haha
      ...okay, i'm aware this response doesnt really make sense, i think im overtired?

  2. Yay,how long have you been drawing?You are really good!!!!

    1. Thank you V!
      I've always loved arty stuff- when I was little I was constantly making collages out of pasta shapes, important documents my mum left lying around, and on a few occassions, my own hair (dont judge, i was young)
      so really I've been drawing my whole life, but I only became really interested in it during secondary school
      Thank you for reading :)