My Favourite Posts

So one problem with blogging, is that as you add new content, the old stuff gets buried.
And some of that stuff, I'm really quite proud of!
So I thought I'd make a page showcasing my favourite posts I've written for Sammie on Toast, which I can update and alter, because I don't want to let stuff just get dusty in the archives.

The Wheelchair Chronicles Part 1 & The Wheelchair Chronicles Part 2
These blog posts basically discuss a few interactions I've had with the older generation.... all very true, and not subtle on my part...

10 Things you should NEVER say to a pregnant person
By far my most popular post in terms of page views, who knew googling 'how to avoid insulting pregnant women' was so popular?!

My thoughts on Tattoos
Does what it says on the tin...

When Men have it easier than Women every single day
Not your average battle of the sexes post

Challenge no.96- Broadcast Yourself on Youtube
My first ever blog! Incredibly rough around the edges, but its on here because I'm a sentimental softie

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