Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let me introduce myself...

First things first, I thought that I had better introduce myself, just so you know you're not spending your time reading the psychopathic ramblings of a nutter. Or are you? (Mwahaha!)

My name is Samantha Louise Lovatt, but I prefer to be called Sammie for short. That's Sammie with an 'ie' at the end. It's fair to say that I get ever so slightly peeved when people write 'Sammy'. I have no idea why, I just hate how the name 'Sammy' looks on paper.

I was born June 23rd, 1994. Not a lot happened in 1994 to be honest (unless you're a big fan of Kurt Cobain) and I was probably not the most interesting human being for the first few years of my life, so I like to think that I matched the times. I mean, the 90s are so.... bland? My friend recently went to a 90s themed party, and the only thing they could think to dress up in was double denim. But think about it.... what the hell did the world actually do for ten whole years style-wise? The 80s were garish, yes, but at least it was something. Oh well, rant over.

As arguably the most memorable dress of the 90s, i've got to say that i'm a little disappointed. Its basically what would now be classed as a horrendously chavvy clubbing outfit.

I've always been into arty stuff- drawing, painting, collaging, trying (and usually failing) to be as good as Neil from Art Attack. I swear some of my stuff came out looking like the talking head had made it... and he doesn't even have any hands!

However, all the years of watching Smart, Art Attack and of course, Fingertips must have paid off though, because now I am a first- year art student at Arts University Bournemouth! I study Costume with Performance Design, which basically covers costume and set design, and the actual making of the costumes. It's a lot of work, but it's also a load of fun.
A massive bonus of being at Uni is that i've met so many lovely people- everyone seems to be so friendly and insanely talented. As well as my amazing housemates (and future housemate Beth), I have what I have always wanted- a gay best friend!

He's absolutely lovely, and hosts amazing Miranda Nights- where we order some beautiful indian food and dedicate a whole evening to the goddess of what-I-call comedy. I'm not going to write too much about his crazy self, in case I get too sentimental and he reads this and then i'll get all embarrassed.

I've also been lucky enough to meet Dan, my boyfriend, who is very sweet and kind, and he makes me laugh a lot which i love!
A huge personal goal for me is to become a domestic goddess. So far i've discovered i'm pretty good at tidying up my room (took me 18 years to actually turn on a hoover but oh well, i'm there now), and I'd like to think my cooking is okay. I mean, when I first got to Uni, I literally had pasta every night. Now I cook more complicated things. I think the most adventurous- and successful- i've been is cooking a whole roast dinner for me and Dan, which I got extremely nervous about!
So, that's a quick overview of me & my life, and i hope you guys will keep reading as I steadily procrastinate my way through life!

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