Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Fresh Start...

So I've had a blog before. I loved it- I wrote about my life, things that I was doing and anything I wanted really. But then a few things changed in my life and I stopped feeling inspired.

In the past few months, I really feel like I've rediscovered happiness, and something that has always made me happy is writing in my blog and hearing back from you guys. It genuinely makes me day, so thank you for even reading this in the first place.

However, this time it's going to be slightly different. This time I have a plan of action. I have decided to make this blog about something slightly more specific, rather than just a collection of random mutterings.

So, phase one of my master plan- Think about what I like and what I'm good at doing

Then it struck me.... PROCRASTINATION! That's it! Well, for a start, I must be a skilled procrastinator, because I always do it. And sometimes, I do it so well, that it can be passed off for real, important work.

This brings me onto phase two- Naming my blog.

Sure, I like 'Sammie On Toast'- it's kinda quirky and well, I like toast. But maybe it would be better if I titled it as something more relevant to procrastination?



Nope, nothing springs to mind. Oh well, I'll just procrastinate a little more and just leave it. Well, I do like 'Sammie On Toast', and I was always follow the if it ain't broke, don't fix it rule.

Title = Done.

Phase three- Deciding what to write.

Now this is why I love the procrastination theme- it means I can be free to write basically anything, but I still have a slight brief to stick to, that will help me keep writing... brilliant!

So, if you'd like to hear about an 18 year old art student finding her way in life and messing around a little bit, watch this space :)


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