Saturday, May 18, 2013

Challenge no.19- Watch an entire series in a day

So for those of you that read my last post, and have been worried that I was eaten by bears or something on the camping trip that I mentioned, you'll be glad to know that I'm safe and sound.
The reason I haven't posted is because I've gotten so addicted to Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
I watched it several years ago when it was first broadcast, but it wasn't something  that I went out of my way to watch. The thing I watched religiously was The Darling Buds of May, which for those of you that didn't watch, was basically how I like to think Delboy Trotter's retirement went.
As I live in a uni house, my television entertainment is limited to the meagre DVD collection I have, and whatever is on freeview. And my freeview choices are limited to whatever my housemates want to watch, so it always ends up on Jeremy Kyle or You've Been Framed (Kill. Me. Now.)
So a few weeks ago, my mum was telling me how I could stream Netflix from my family home to my laptop right here in Bournemouth.
I have not left my room in far too long because of this.
Seriously, its a problem! Like a plant left in the dark for too many days, Ive started to go all pale and weird and withdrawn. Well... not really... but I've basically been in a forever lazy state for far too long now.
I even started watching random kids shows like All Grown Up and H20: Just Add Water. No joke, the description for the latter is 'Emma, Cleo and Rikki are just three ordinary teenage girls with ordinary teenage issues, until one magical day when they're transformed into mermaids'. Yes it is as terrible as it sounds. Worse even. But you know what the saddest part is? I have spent at least six hours of my life watching this Australian crap. That's six hours I can never get back.
So Secret Diary of a Call Girl is actually pretty good. It's funny, fast paced and stars an almost naked Billie Piper, so I think they've covered all bases really.
I watched the entire first season in one day (Challenge= Done!) and have now watched up to season four. I'm also on season two of gossip girl. Which I am also addicted to. I'm also only 9 days away from hand-in at Uni. HELP!
An issue I have with watching this (from my laptop in my room, usually late at night) is the sounds. I only realised this after a few nights of watching. As you can imagine, a series about the working life of a prostitute has a lot of noises that would definitely be questionable to a housemate passing by my door one evening.
So my top tip for those of you out there about to watch this series- use headphones! I am now probably seen as some kind of porn addict by my housemates now

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